Premier Scott Moe is heading to Europe this weekend for a trade mission. The trip, which goes until April 1st, will see the premier visiting the United Kingdom and Germany.  

"The United Kingdom is an important and valued trading partner for Saskatchewan, and we look forward to further developing this already strong economic relationship," Moe said.  "Companies in the UK are significant buyers of our agri-food products and as a global agricultural powerhouse, Saskatchewan will continue to supply sustainably produced, high-quality agricultural products and food ingredients for the UK now and into the future." 

While in the UK, Moe will be attending the signing of an academic partnership between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Global University Systems Canada. The partnership looks to advance post-secondary educational opportunities between Canada and the UK.  

Moe will also be highlighting the work of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization at the University of Saskatchewan. It is one of the largest research centres with a mission to conduct research and development for vaccines and related products. It works with a number of partners, nationally and internationally, for the prevention and control of diseases in people and animals.  

The trip will also see Moe officially open the province’s new Trade and Investment Office in London.