Saskatchewan's energy and agriculture industries were just two of the topics that came up Thursday morning during Premier Scott Moe's visit to Alameda, just northeast of Estevan.

Moe answered questions from local residents before speaking exclusively with DiscoverEstevan about a range of topics, but in particular, how he is working to promote the province's energy and agriculture sectors on the world stage.

"Globally, the world is realizing that where you buy your energy and your food from actually matters, and we would say that you should buy more of it from Saskatchewan," Moe said. "If the rest of the world produced energy like we do in Saskatchewan, global emissions from energy production would drop 25 per cent overnight. We can be very proud of that."

Moe added that other countries, particular those in the European Union, have become energy dependent on Russia while introducing new policies such as carbon tax and low emissions standards. 

"We shouldn't go down that path, as Canada and as North America," Moe said. "I would encourage our federal government to join the provincial government in recognizing our ag producers, recognizing our energy producers for the innovation that is already being employed in producing some of the most sustainable products, some of the highest quality products at a competitive price for us to use and the rest of the world."

Moe hinted that policies at other levels of government are a threat to Saskatchewan's economy.

"Our greatest risk in this province whether it be agriculture, whether it be energy, whether it be the mining industry...the biggest threat that we have right now to all of those industries is policy," Moe said. "Policy of various levels of governments, and we need to work together at all of those levels to ensure that the policies that are being enacted are well-consulted on."

Moe added that he won't be endorsing any particular candidate for the federal Conservative leadership race, but did say that Pierre Poilievre has some policies that are attractive to Saskatchewan residents and to his government.