Moose Mountain has been open for close to a month with campers enjoying the season so far.

They've even had an increase in the number of campers who have stopped by so far this year.

Ainsley Sauder, the park administrative supervisor, says that's in spite of the weather that's come down recently.

"It's been pretty good so far. The weather hasn't been great, but we are still seeing about 13 per cent more camping nights than we did this time last year, so it's going pretty well."

The park managed to miss out on some of the worst of Sunday's hail with no damage to infrastructure.

"It hit our area, but we actually were kind of just on the edge of it. So the park actually didn't get hit, so we had little impact in the park, which was nice."

While there's also been a lot of rain and wind at the park, Sauder is hoping to see some good days for the rest of the summer.

The park's staff has been doing well even as Sauder says the rain has some working extra hard.

"Staff is pretty good. We've have lots of returning staff this year and things are going really well. The park looks good, the maintenance has been really busy cutting grass and stuff with all this rain, but they're doing well."