More rain is in the forecast this week, with more precipitation and thunder coming through in bursts.

The last couple of days has also had pockets of rain come through, drenching some communities while missing others.

It's likely the upcoming systems will be more likely to hit, as the chance of precipitation is going up.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that incoming moisture could be a boon for some farmers in the region.

"You guys are kind of going to have chances of moisture throughout the week, so it's going to be kind of an on-and-off, hit-and-miss type of thing. So that's good news, farmers are wanting the moisture that's coming through and you guys are able to benefit from that." 

Thunder has also been forecast for a few days so far this week, with Lang stating that it's likely any days that are forecast with only rain may also see some thunder.

"I think there's a good chance you'll still see some thundershowers just because it's coming up from the South. That moisture, it's actually subtropical moisture that's feeding it, so anytime you have a little bit of heat to some subtropical moisture, there's a chance you could get some thundershowers."

Any rain that does come down will continue to be scattered and focused, unlike the rain out west which has helped calm down some of the wildfires.

"The pattern has it that it's more scattered showers and thundershowers, "said Lang, "Versus a more organized rain like they're seeing in central Alberta."