The wet weather that continues to hamper southeastern Saskatchewan is raining down on Estevan Youth Soccer.

After a season filled with pandemic restrictions in 2021, the 2022 campaign has been delayed by two weeks due to all of the rain that's currently pounding the province. 

"We were supposed to start last week, but we pushed it back to start this Monday, the 9th, but then Mother Nature hasn't gotten our memo yet that we're starting," quipped Stacy Murphy, the president of Estevan Youth Soccer. 

With all of the rain in the forecast, Murphy said their plan is to now start the season on Monday May 16. She said they'll add a week on to the end of the season to make up for lost time.

"Obviously (with) the weather...the lines can't be painted on the field and stuff like that," she said. "So a little bit of that still has to be done. So hopefully on the weekend that little bit that still needs to be done can get done."

Even with all of the disruptions, Murphy said everyone involved is still very excited to get the season going.

"I think everyone's pretty excited just to be able to get out and not have any restrictions will be fantastic, because last year was definitely tricky to maneuver with all the restrictions that we had with COVID," she said.

She added that registration numbers have been strong with over 200 players signed up.