Saskatchewan was hit with a wave of moisture over the past couple of days, with some areas even getting record rainfalls.

For Estevan, the rain received was manageable compared to the southwest which got nearly twice as much rain.

Environment Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell talks about how much rain some areas got.

"Looking at your totals over the last few days up to 5:00 this morning, Estevan reported 33 milliliters of precipitation, which is pretty representative of the southeastern corner. Regina got 26, Moose Jaw got 33, for instance, so not too far from you. Going West, we start to see greater amounts Coronach got 48, Rocklin got 43. Most of that fell early yesterday, and then the very southwestern corner of the province saw the greatest amounts of precipitation associated with the passage of this system with Maple Creek coming in at 78 milliliters."

More northern areas got relatively little rain with a narrow band of storms.

"That is the greatest amount of precipitation reported on the environment and climate change network for this system. It was really concentrated in the Southwestern corner. If you go a little bit further north, like in Leader, for instance, they only got 19, Kindersley got 18, and Saskatoon only got 14. So it was very narrow axis in terms of where the greatest amount of precipitation fell in Saskatchewan for this system."

Multiple areas also set new records for daily precipitation, including the Estevan area.

"The Coronach area got the greatest precipitation on the 6th of May, as did Lloydminister and Maple Creek, Watrous, and Wynyard also had records for greatest precipitation. If we look at yesterday's data, Cypress Hills, East End, and Estevan also got the greatest precipitation, apparently. Leader, Maple Creek, and Rockland, also broke records, so we don't tend to look very closely at precipitation records, but it does seem a number of places broke records for daily amounts over the last few days."