Saskatchewan RCMP gave an update on the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon stabbings that took place in early September that left 11 people dead. 

Myles Sanderson was arrested for the attacks, but died while in police custody. 

According to the RCMP, Damien Sanderson, who was found dead on James Smith Cree Nation, was involved in the planning and the preparation but was not involved in the actual attacks.  

“Myles Sanderson committed all of the homicides alone,” said Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, the commanding officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP. 

The RCMP says that on Sept. 3 at approximately 4 a.m. Melfort RCMP received a call that Damien had stolen a vehicle on James Smith Cree Nation. The caller asked multiple times to stay anonymous. 

Two officers responded and confirmed there was a warrant for Damien’s arrest for previous assaults. The officers also looked at a photo of Damien that the RCMP had on record from 2014. 

The officers patrolled the community and once again contacted the caller to ask for any possible locations. The caller suggested the officers check North Road. The officers attended the area and found the vehicle at a residence with the windows down and the keys missing. 

After asking the residents of a nearby RV for information, the police received permission to search the residence for Damien. Inside the home was a group of about seven people including three men. The men were asked to identify themselves and none of them identified as Damien. The keys to the stolen vehicle were found in the residence but no one could explain how the vehicle got there. 

Through evidence, the police now believe that one of the men was Damien but supplied officers were the name of another resident from James Smith Cree Nation. 

Blackmore reiterated that during this time the RCMP did not receive any calls about Myles and had no indication of the attacks that would take place. 

The RCMP says on Sept. 7 Myles and Damien were selling drugs on James Smith Cree Nation and both were involved in three violent altercations with others. It's unknown to police whether weapons were involved at the time. 

Damien, while initially a suspect, was found dead on James Smith Cree Nation during the manhunt. 

“After completing 250 interviews, processing over 670 exhibits, reviewing and following up on over 100 9-1-1 calls for service, investigators have determined that Damien Sanderson was a victim of homicide by Myles Sanderson,” Blackmore said. 

Saskatoon Police Service is investigating the circumstances around Myles’ death in police custody, while the RCMP is still investing to piece together the entire timeline of events.