The provincial NDP has been taking a tour around Saskatchewan, and recently made a stop in Estevan, checking out the Boundary Dam power station and the local coal mines.

Carla Beck, the leader of the NDP, and Aleana Young, the MLA for Regina-University, and critic for multiple government sectors met with some of the workers and were able to talk to them about what they do.

Both stated that the province needed to give Estevan the tools it needed to get through the current transition from mining coal the community is going through.

"What I've heard from people is clarity and commitment. Estevan, Not to be trite, but it's the energy city and that certainly has meant coal," said Young, "Has meant power generation for the province of Saskatchewan, but also has an incredibly skilled workforce, and incredible innovation."

Beck says that she saw a lot of pride in the people who operate the mines in Estevan.

"With the coal industry, I think that there's a lot of pride, there's a willingness for those workers, for community members to be at the table wanting to be part of the solutions, but some very big question marks that they need to be answered by both the provincial government and the federal government."

Young echoed the sentiment that the best path forward for Estevan would involve both levels of government.

"People are proud of their community and they want to stay here, they want that generational job security, that wealth retention in their homes and their community, and for their kids to stay here. But we need a provincial government and a federal government who are willing to come to the table as adults and stand up for and invest in this community."

Past just Estevan, Young says that the current cost of living crisis is one of their biggest concerns for the future.

"I'd say the number one issue we've heard across the province from the southeast to the northwest and everywhere in between right now is of course the cost of living and affordability. Just the impact that inflation's having on everything from diesel fuel at the mines to your ability to buy more than a bag of groceries for $70."