After a start of September that showed off unseasonably warm conditions, there was a sudden dip on the weekend that nearly brought frosty conditions.

Over the weekend, specifically on September 9, a frost advisory was issued for many jurisdictions in Saskatchewan.

That was caused by the overnight temperatures plunging in what could have been the first below-zero night in months.

While the southeast didn't see any frost on their front lawns the next morning, there still was a blast of cold air over the area.

Agrologist Edgar Hammermeister explains that's had an impact on the currently ongoing harvest for farmers, albeit a small one.

"Typically not a lot happens, you have a little heavier dew and things cool off like that. the start of harvest the next day is typically delayed a little bit, but nothing really untoward."

A frost during the end of a growing season can have disastrous effects on crops, as ice crystals can cause damage to those.

Hammermeister says that this year, the crops actually were well prepared for any frost that may have come down.

"For this growing season, even though we were seeding a little bit late, we had enough significant accumulation that the crops had moved along. The majority of the crops was all past any window in which they would have been sensitive to frost."

Overall it's been a good year for the harvest with an initial blast of heat that dried out the crops that has now been replaced with cooler air.

"In general we've had low humidity and been able to get started at a good time in the morning, everyone will probably appreciate having some cooler temperatures to work with," said Hammermeister, "Little bit less fire risk as well as the temperatures come down. Overall, the dry conditions have left harvest progress right well, even though we started the growing season late."