As the Southeast sees a bit of moisture, people will have something to look forward to as the temperatures for tomorrow look to be quite high.

Specifically, temperatures will jump up to 11 degrees, which will skim the record high for that day which is just over 13 degrees.

That temperature will definitely melt any snowfall that may come down, though icy conditions will likely be prevalent.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang describes what we'll be seeing next:

"We're looking, on Thursday, for a weather system to move through, probably get some rain and some snow with that, and we'll see that temperature flip as the winds come more from the northwest," said Lang, "A bit of a weather pattern change when the winds start coming from the northwest, we know that the temperatures will drop and become more seasonal."

While some of the cooler days after Wednesday will be below freezing, and as such will likely fall as rain, Lang says not to expect any huge snowfalls from this week.

"Just with the temperatures the way they are, it looks like any precipitation is going to fall as snow," said Lang, "I don't think we're going to get a lot out of it, not this system. We're looking out at a couple of systems next week, looks like that will be a snowmaker, and we'll keep an eye out on that one just because it looks like a strong system."

Lang also has advice for anyone in the Southeast looking to travel, as the roads are likely to freeze up soon.

"Take care on those roads, when there's melting snow through the day it freezes up at night and turns into black ice," said Lang, "With the mild temperatures and the precipitation moving through there's always that risk of freezing rain which can very quickly ice roads up.