At last night's city council meeting one topic, which included a pair of guest speakers, was brought up regarding the possibility of a community garden.

Said project - called “The Estevan Patch” -  would be done to not only provide the community with fresh produce but to also be able to sell that produce cheaply.

During the meeting, Bethany and Chris Paul, who have been after the idea, were in attendance to answer any questions the councilors would have.

Chris Paul says that he's hoping to get some more information on how to lease out a section of Estevan land.

"I'm not familiar with the process, as far as I'm asking the city for a lease on city land. So I'm actually not familiar with the process to see if this is available, or if this is actually possible."

He had previously talked to Rod March, the city's parks manager, to talk about the project and where it could go.

They did end up focusing on a few areas that met the two-acre lot minimum that Paul was looking for, though he was able to downsize a bit.

"After looking around the city and what the city owned, I basically fell in love with one I had ready, and I'd done my drawings around that one. It doesn't mean that one's set, because I'm super flexible if we can get this off the ground working with you guys."

That area would be located in the back alley of Smith Street, nearby the water tower.

One worry that a councilor had was that the project might be short-lived, and not address the needs of the community past its first summer.

Paul says that he's looking to make the community garden a staple of Estevan.

"I'd love for it to be permanent, to be a staple of Estevan forever, where you look at it and you go 'well we can't sell that. That is a staple, that is a part of our community now.' I think after year one, I can convince you of that. I'm pretty sure I just need to get seeds in the ground, that's the biggest thing."

From the list of materials that Paul shared earlier with the council, all of them had been filled through various means, including a shed that is twice as big as what he thought he would get.

Now, the project will move forward with the city to determine what the next step will be to get that garden set up.

The full community garden proposal is available on the City of Estevan's website, under the council agenda for April 11.