The Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division's new incoming Director of Education says he's excited to start serving schools in the southeast.

Keith Keating is moving into the position at the start of the 2022-23 school year after former Director of Education Lynn little announced her retirement.

Keating has worked in the division for about 22 years, working both in teaching and administrative capacities.

One of the first items on his agenda for the next school year is opening up events so more people can support their students.

"One of the things that we're looking at working now, and I think probably working at into next year is having schools invite communities and families back into schools again. I know we've had a tough couple of years with the pandemic, but we've seen communities and schools start to reengage and bring parents into different activities. "

"I really look forward to seeing some of that continue. I know that when we have those supports for youth working together," said Keating, "parents, community, staff, and students working together it's best for youth in this area of the province."

Another item for the school division is looking for input on a plan that will lay out how students learn over the next decade.

"Next year the province will be working on a provincial education plan," said Keating, "That's going to guide the direction for improvement for the students for the next decade. So as we look towards that, it's important that voices in the Southeast contribute to that plan."

"So next year there'll also be a focus on gathering some input from people across the division, parents, teachers, and students to help shape that plan. once that provincial plan is built, it'll help guide our work as a system for many years to come."

Keating says that overall he's excited to be starting his new role.

"I'm very excited, humbled, honoured but I'm looking forward to the school start-up next year and taking over that role come August.