With the new year in effect, Estevan is making some changes to how the snow will be cleared out on city streets.

Which roads they clear are also changing, after the province's Ministry of Highways gave them more responsibility for clearing out roadways.

They're also changing up how they're clearing some roads in Estevan, in response to their previous clearing experiences and some community feedback.

A list of a few of the changes is as follows:

A map of the changing streets in Estevan

  • Wellock road, which previously had priority 1 clearance to Mayfair Bay, has been extended all the way to Sister Roddy Road

  • Highway 47 North and Kensington Avenue will be extended up to the Rm of Estevan boundary road

  • 4th Street's snow clearing will now continue past Kensington Avenue, up to Sawyer Road 

  • Highway 47 South to Perkins road will be extended to cover Highway 18 up to the city limits

  • Highway 18's service area will be extending westwards to the river. 

  • 13th Avenue located near the Estevan Leisure Centre will move to priority 1, between King Street and the railroad

  • Mississippian Drive will be added to priority 1, with other nearby business roads which are not priority 1 being "looked after"

  • 5th Street from 9th Avenue to 2nd Avenue will be moved to priority 2

Some of the highway clearing extensions will not be done by the city at first, as they've negotiated a contract with the Ministry of Highways for them to clear that for the time being.

Once the city has procured additional equipment to clear those streets, the work will then be taken over by city crews.