Soy Canada has announced a new Sustainable Canadian Soy program designed to help increase market opportunities.

Executive Director Brian Innes says the program will really enable producers to continue to have access to high-value markets, which then flow to them. 

Sustainable Canadian Soy is a voluntary program that will be available in 2023 for Canadian soybean growers, grain handlers and exporters.

He says at this time, interest in the program is coming from users of food grade and Identity Preserved soybeans. 

"Particularly so, when it comes to markets like Japan and Europe that are high-value markets. They are really looking to have that guarantee to the person consuming the product that they're producing in a sustainable way."

He says grower participation in the program is voluntary and involves completing an on-farm sustainability questionnaire about economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. 

Sustainable Canadian Soy utilizes the Farm Sustainability Assessment which aligns with the program's priorities including land use efficiency, climate-smart farming, soil health, water stewardship, biodiversity and habitat.

Innes says Canadian soybean growers are already following sustainable practices, and many participate in value-added programs that meet the needs of customers and offer premiums.

The program was developed with extensive farmer and industry consultation and is funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriAssurance Program. 

More information on the 2023 Sustainable Canadian Soy program is available here.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Brian Innes click on the link below.