The City of Estevan is shifting how it's attacking all the snow that was dumped on its streets over the last week.

The priority when the blizzard began last Tuesday night was clearing major streets and routes to the hospital. The City was eventually able to open all the streets, though some remain packed with snow.

Now, crews will be working to allow for optimal water drainage.

"With the warmer temperatures now, that snow removal is going to focus on catch basins and water as soon as the sun comes out," said City of Estevan Roads and Drainage Manager Norm Mack.

The City's moving from blowing snow, which is becoming wetter and heavier, to targetting water flow.

Mack said a little sunshine goes a long way for thawing snow and ice, even with temperatures below the freezing mark.

"We saw a thawing occur when it was minus 8. All it takes is the sun to poke out and we got water flowing."

Mack said it helps when residents clear catch basins near their homes.

"We know we have some ice-covered streets and snow-covered streets that we're going to have to move some more snow so that water gets to the catch basins. We all work together; I think we'll be fine."

He thanked the City workers and their contractors for putting in longs hours, especially throughout Easter.