The grass at a city park located in the northern stretch of Estevan has not yet recovered after a chemical was applied last year to control an invasive weed.

Padwick Park, which is nestled in a residential area and includes a splash pad, play structure, and walking path, is covered with brown patches of grass as the summer arrives.

The item came up at the Estevan City Council meeting Monday evening. A letter from City Manager Jeff Ward to council states that a strong chemical was applied in an effort to control invasive foxtail weeds that had began growing in the park. 

"Everyone was aware it was a very strong chemical but would get rid of the foxtail in the grass, as well as get rid of foxtail seeds in the soil. The application included the risk that the grass could die in certain areas," the letter stated.

Padwick Park GrassA close up look at the brown grass at Padwick Park in northern Estevan. (Photo credit: Nolan Kowal)

The recommendation to council is that the parks department will monitor the health of the grass over the next few weeks before providing an updated report to council in July.

The parks department has also power raked and reseeded the area.

"I think it's still early in the spring, and hopefully with some rain and some heat we can see that area come back," Ward said.

Meanwhile, councillor Rebecca Foord, who lives nearby, assured families that Padwick Park is safe to visit this summer.

"I've had a number of people say 'well we're not going to take our kids to the splash park this season because of that,' but that chemical was applied last year...we've had a whole winter for it to be dissipated and do its job, so the park is good now to actually go and play and for recreational activities," Foord said.