With a consistency of putting out great-sounding music, it's of no surprise that Royal Tusk has been able to amass a group of loyal fans eager to hear what they have coming out next.

The group's first two forays into recording music, the Mountain e.p. & Dealbreaker have a chill ambient vibe mixed with infectious grooves and catchy lyrics. Even back then though you could tell they had something else cooking up in the kitchen. On their Dealbreaker album, the guitars were starting to get infused with moments of distorted grittiness and instrumental sections rife with awesome guitar riffs. For the album's final track So Long The Build Up, Ian Thornley layed down an absolutely epic guitar solo that perfectly defines everything that a crescendo should be.

Then there was Tusk II... and things got even heavier! Ten rocking tracks that make you want to get up and go wild, but at the same time still retain all the DNA of what the band was about up until that point. So now the question is, what comes next?

Royal Tusk will be releasing a new album in the not-too-distant future, but Sandy from the band wasn't going to say much more than that when he sat down for an interview with Dan from Rock106. He explained in the interview below that the group is keeping things close to the vest for the time being, but it will be worth the wait for fans.