November in Estevan didn't feel like the last month before winter, according to some of the stats from Environment Canada.

The meteorological fall, which consists of September, October, and December, was much warmer than the average, coming in as the 17th warmest in 99 years.

That trend held up in November with the month seeing warm weather and less precipitation than average.

The average temperature was -4.1 C, which was 2.7 degrees above the 30-year average.

That put the month as the 20th warmest on record compared to the last 101 years.

Estevan also had below-average precipitation, though Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang noted that the southeast was well-off in terms of precipitation compared to other areas of Saskatchewan.

"Estevan fared a little bit better with respect to precipitation, 12.3 millimetres compared to a 30 year average of 17.5, so about 70% of precipitation and that made it the 37th driest (November) in 99 years." 

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