There have been a number of collisions around Estevan since snow started piling up in Estevan on Wednesday.

But you might not know whether you should call police if you are in a crash.

Estevan Police Service Const. Don Dechief said they don't need to be called in every situation.

"Vehicles that are just in fender benders, what drivers can do is just swap information and book their appointments at SGI and they will help them through the process."

Dechief said the situations to report to police are:

- when at least one vehicle is plated from outside of Saskatchewan,
- when a vehicle needs to be towed,
- when there is an injury,
- and when a major offence, such as impaired driving, could have occurred.

Of course it's best to drive according to conditions so that you minimize the risk of getting into a collision.

"We just have to change our driving ways and just slow down, anticipate corners, and especially turning," said Dechief. "The speed we've turned corners around before needs to be reduced because people are sliding into the oncoming lane."

Dechief added that properly clearing your vehicle is crucial. That not only includes all your windows, lights, and license plate, but also your roof, hood, and grill so snow doesn't slide onto your windows.

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