Oxbow was one of many communities hit by a strong system which moved over the southeast last night.

Hard winds picked up overnight, which resulted in trees crashing to the ground in the town.

Resident Doug Sully says that the system began with a bit of lightning late at night.

"About ten o'clock we stared getting kind bit of a light show there, and then the rain started coming down pretty heavy and the wind picked up. Blowing pretty well, and I put up some pictures on Facebook there, and what you see is kinda what happened during that time. We looked out and with all the flashes like that, we saw the trees down in our yard."

While Oxbow has had experience with strong winds in the past, Sully says nothing like this has come through town while he's been living there.

"We had a plow wind back in 95 or 96, whenever it was I wasn't here for that, I came here afterwards. We've had some pretty bad winds, but I've never had anything as bad as this in the 26 years I've lived here."

While it does seem like most of the town has trees down, Sully says he's a bit too preoccupied to check.

"The neighbour's (trees) were down, I really haven't had a chance to take a quick look, I'm kind of cleaning up my own yard here. Lots of stuff on the streets and that kind of thing. Mostly poplars, it seems like. Poplars didn't fare too well last night."

One fortune that Sully's found is that he mananged to get rid of one troublesome tree in his yard before it caused serious damage from that wind.

"We actually had a big willow there - or an elm, I can't rememeber - last year we cut it down, it was probably a good thing because otherwise we would have had a new skylight in our house."