Oxbow residents had the opportunity to make their voices heard Tuesday night as they held a town hall on the local Galloway Health Centre's recent disruptions.

Since just before 2023, a stretch of disruptions to the health centre has had residents concerned that staffing levels aren't good enough.

At the meeting, health officials stated that the Oxbow-based health centre was in a relatively good spot compared to other rural health centres in the region.

Residents asked questions about funding the health centre, if it was at an appropriate level compared to other similar centres, and if any changes could be made to increase funding.

The panel, which consisted of SHA members, along with the local MP and MLA did answer some of those questions, but some of the data and specifics weren't fully available.

That's why the organizers put together a list of unanswered questions which have been sent off to get more answers to the community.

Treena Mohrbutter, Oxbow's community development officer and one of the organizers of the town hall, says that it's just the first step.

"The meeting was a good stepping stone, so now we have to go through and figure out all the questions that people want answered and we're going to forward those to the panel and start getting some answers to those questions."

Mohrbutter was thrilled that not only did all of the requested officials show up, but it was also a well-attended event by both Oxbow residents and people who traveled from other southeast communities.

"There were other communities that were represented as well. We had Gainsborough, Carievale, Carnduff, Oxbow, Alida, Alameda, Frobisher, we had some from Estevan, so we had lots of surrounding communities as well."