A wet and cold week is on the horizon for the southeast, as two different systems will make themselves known over the next few days.

That begins Tuesday and ends on Friday, with rain, gusting winds, dropping temperatures, and even snow making an appearance.

First, a thunderstorm is set to hit areas and bring localized showers.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Danielle Fingland says that the system will bring a lot of rain to the areas that do get hit.

"The first system is coming through tonight and into tomorrow, so there's a chance of showers and actually a risk of a thunderstorm tonight for the area. The accumulations are going to be quite varied because it is going to be quite showery. We don't exactly know where the biggest amounts will fall, but if you do happen to be under a thunderstorm it could be in the 10-20mm area, but that will be somewhat isolated."

Afterward, the next system, set to start on Thursday, is coming with a cooler and wider rain.

"The next system is supposed to come through on Thursday into Friday and that low-pressure system is coming through Alberta. It's a little stronger and we're thinking once again in the 10mm range," said Fingland, "But that precipitation will change over to snow overnight Thursday into Friday in some areas.

"We're not expecting much accumulation out of that because the ground is very warm. Most of the snow should melt on contact with the ground and it's just kind of because temperatures are dipping towards zero overnight."

Fingland says she expects the second system to be out of the area by Friday morning.

Afterward, temperatures will start warming up through the long weekend.

"It looks like it's back up to seasonal normals by the weekend. You guys in the area are looking at highs almost ten degrees below normal with this system coming in," said Fingland, "But it looks like by the end of the weekend you rebound up to normal temperatures so that'll be nice."