You can't help but fall in love with these "Perfect Pets"

Last month Samus AKA the "Carpet Shark" won the Perfect Pet Contest, winning $50 from All Creatures and $50 from Rodeo Dawg in Estevan.

SamusJanuary Perfect Pet Winner Shamus

Here are our Perfect Pet submissions for February. Tune-in Tuesday morning (28th) just after 8 am to find out the winner!


DiabloDiablo is my leopard Geckko. He’s spends his days sun tanning and devouring crickets. His favourite treat are super worms. He’s got an adorable smile and a sassy personality. He loves when you sing to him and can always be found sticking out his tongue or sprawled out of n his water bowl. He loves to crawl up our arms and hide in our sweaters or a nice warm blanket. He’s giving some sass as thanks for the fresh water in his picture.

Piper AKA Poopsie

Piper AKA Poopsie
3 year old shitzhu who loves to play fetch and drop her balls down the register.

Kaj (pronounced Kye)

KajKaj is our newest family member. We adopted him from the EHS in November of 2022. He was their longest resident cat at the time being there for three whole years. He has fit in so well with our family and is the most loving cat I have ever met. He is such a sweet boy and loves to some and rub his head against yours. We love him so dang much.


Ziro is 6 years old, and he is such an amazing pet. He’s so chill, and wants nothing more than to cuddle on your lap. We adopted him from someone about 4.5 years ago and he fit in right away. His favourite snack is ramen noodles and he will even do tricks to get them.


HarleyThis is Harley and she is the goodest girl! She is an 8 month old chocolate lab who loves playing, going for walks, and cuddling her people and sister-dogs.


PenelopePenelope is an 18 month old rescue rag doll cat. She is super cuddly, but gets wild Zoomies. She is best friends with the dishwasher and always rushes to it’s side when it drains. Her favourite toys she loves to christen in her water fountain and hide in her food bowls! She loves to watch the birds and squirrels. Her favourite sleeping places include the bathroom sink and her cat tree. She is a special kitty!


NuggetThis is Nugget, he came around during lockdowns and he became like family since then. He is rambunctious and gets into mischief but can also be kind and loving. His Jekyll and Hyde like personality keeps me on my toes, he can go from enjoying a nice belly rub only to go into attack mode. He is the toughest cat around until there is a loud noise and he lives up to the scaredy cat name. He loves his treats, and has even learned to catch them with his paws.

Stella Rose & Slater Walter Boxrud

Stella Rose & Slater Walter BoxrudStella and Slater love going to All Creatures to play or to spend the night.


LouLou is also called Loudogg, cuz he thinks he's king of the block. He's the perfect mix of being a little cross-eyed psycho and a drooling snuggle buddy, even while you're sitting on the toilet! He will let you know it's treat time, play time and nap time is just the perfect kitty ????


ScoutScout is the greatest pup. She is an excellent listener, a superb cuddler, a treat connoisseur, and the perfect best friend. As the saying goes, “I didn’t rescue her, she rescued me.”

Chase Webb

Chase WebbGerman Shepard Husky mix, 8 years old, loves stuffed toys with squeakers in them. He loves cuddles and belly rubs, hates to have his collar off but hates wearing NY other types of clothes and harnesses. Has the cutest smile.


Sophie is a fun, loving miniature Pomeranian. She loves treats and toys and playing in the snow. She’s extremely sensitive and is totally embarrassed when she gets a haircut


MaddiMaddi is 8 years old going on 80. She’s always been an old sole and a very calm girl. Very spoiled and very “vocal” when you don’t give her what she wants! (Usually butt scratches)

Roxy & Willow

Roxy & WillowOur English Springers love camping, fishing and hunting.


ArnieWe foster failed Arnie from Bright Eyes Dog Rescue ????Arnie is a border collie/bassett hound. He is a super cuddly guy. His tail is always wagging!! Arnie loves going for walks - he’s OBSESSED with playing fetch!

Molly and Mac

Molly & MacThese 2 are a pair of kids, if they are not play fighting they are sleeping.Molly is an attention seeker, who will do any thing for treats or food. Mac is chilled as a cucumber.


HazelHazel or Hazel Bug is a gentle yet very playful girl! She’s 5months old and was found in a box on the side of the highway with her brother. She’s an excellent jumper and will even climb up a tree to grab a bird! She is still a puppy so training is coming along, slowly but she’s learning! She’s all in all an absolute joy if you get to meet her, she will steal your heart ❤️

All of these pets are absolutely perfect. But there can only be one winner!

The February winner for the Perfect Pet Contest with All Creatures & Rodeo Dawg will be announced on February 28, just after 8 am.