The Estevan Legion is donating some money for an upcoming commemoration of 21 servicemen who lost their lives in a plane crash back in 1946.

The event will begin in July, and the organizers are looking for funding - $2,500 of which has been provided by the Legion.

The event was originally planned for last year, but that was canceled due to COVID.

Marie Donais Calder is one of the organizers of the event and has been studying the crash for a while, putting out a book on the subject.

She says that the support they've received to put on the event is very appreciated.

"When the legion announced to us that they were donating the amount," said Calder, "We were - grateful doesn't describe how we feel. Anyone in the community is free to donate, doesn't matter how big or small, it all helps, it all counts."

The reason they need that bit of extra funding is that the whole effort got a bit less funding than was anticipated from the federal and provincial governments.

"We are looking for more support because we actually thought we had all our funding covered with both the federal and provincial government, but that did not happen," said Calder, "So we're still looking for community support."

The Estevan legion also has an interest in keeping these events going, as explained by member Frost Forrest.

"We, through the years, try to promote events that remember the sacrifices made by our military people, both during wartime and peacetime."

The event is set to begin on July 7 for the servicemen's families, with events starting and lasting until July 9 in Estevan.