Pleasantdale School's French Immersion program has earned praise from parents and kids are also pretty excited about learning the language.

The program began back in September of 2021, covering some students in kindergarten to grade 2.

Now that's expanded to grade 3, with more grades being covered each new school year.

We chatted with Shammah, Jackson, and Preston who're in Grade 3, along with Charlie and Slade who are in grade 2.

All of the kids said that their experience so far had been good, with them learning french earning a "fun", though that didn't come without some challenges.

"I like that I'm learning French. It's hard to learn, it's slightly harder than English but I still like that I'm learning french."

The group was also excited about the Festival De Voyageur event they'd be having next week, which would be the first one they've had that parents could attend.

They're putting some special care into some of the crafts they're making for the event.

Beards are being made for the event, mirroring the Festival De Voyageur's annual beard-growing competition. 

The students said that they'd enjoyed having madame Cooper and Madame Turner as teachers, as they've been with the class since French Immersion began in 2019.

They also wished "bonne fin de semaine" to everyone, which means have a good weekend in French.