City police hope to replicate a successful September investigation into catalytic convertor theft as they look into a pair of recent thefts on Devonian Street and 5th Street.

EPS Sgt. Tyler McMillen said they've increased patrols in the area. And last night they were called about suspicious activity near a business on 5th Street.

"The driver of that vehicle was identified and spoken to, but nothing was seen stolen or missing. It's documented, in case somebody's missing stuff around the area."

McMillen said police patrolled the area and walked around looking for anything nefarious, but located nothing.

"We had the catalytic converters and some other copper that was taken a couple weeks ago that we did solve. Those were ones where people called in. So we just want to make sure that people keep calling, because it puts us in the right place sometimes at the right time."

Police are urging the public to secure their property to mitigate the risk of falling victim to theft.