People across the country can find out more about Canadian veterans by scanning their poppies as part of a new Royal Canadian Legion initiative.

Poppy campaigns started last Friday across the country and now the red flower can be scanned on to link individuals to fallen Canadian soldiers.

Craig Bird, a member of the Estevan Legion, talked about the initiative.

"The poppy stories is a Legion command thing, so that is out of the headquarters in Ottawa for the Legion command and they've done it so that there's an app. So you can go to on your phone and if you scan your poppy."

That app then details some of the lives of veterans who gave their lives in service of Canada.

"It comes up with a little photo app that talks about veterans that had sacrificed and goes through stories so you can kind of scan through the stories that shows a picture and some information about a veteran that was killed in service so it's very interesting."

Each story on the website includes a photo of the fallen soldier, some personal information including (DOB, birthplace, family), and a detailed military timeline. 

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