This weekend Estevan and the area are expected to play host to some rain, and another guest may be booming in.

A risk of thunderstorms has been forecasted for Friday, and that's expected to last throughout the day.

That seems to be short-lived, as the rest of the weekend looks to only contain regular showers.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that the thunderstorm incoming shouldn't be severe in any way.

"We do have a bit of a frontal system moving through, and with that, we are expecting some showers, maybe the chance of a thundershower, nothing severe. It's too early in the year, not enough energy in the atmosphere quite yet, not enough moisture around either, but certainly, that chance is there."

With that thunderstorm is a drop in temperatures, which will cool temperatures but not be enough to cause major storms.

"It's linked to that cold front coming through. Often when we have cold fronts coming through, they have more lift associated with them, and they like to lift the particles of air into the atmosphere," said Lang, "There's enough energy there that it can give us thunderstorms, this time of year is pretty short-lived and the dynamics that we need in the atmosphere aren't quite there yet."

Overall this system coming through the area is said to be just a part of a larger system that is mostly missing the southeast.

"Not an organized system, just a hit-and-miss type of deal," said Lang. "It's actually swinging up through northern Saskatchewan, so we're just kind of getting the tail end of it."