The southeast is expected to have a hot end to the week as temperatures are forecasted to rise into the high 30s.

As well, smoke is expected to come into the area in enough quantities to pose a hazard.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that with those two conditions, smoke may end up helping to dull some of that heat.

"Well, it can dampen temperatures a little bit depending on how thick it is. If it's really really thick, it can shave a few degrees off the high temperatures, but we'll have to see how thick it comes in and if it will do that. That also tends to suppress thunderstorm activity too, because the sun can't heat up as much as it usually does."

The weekend won't carry those higher temperatures, with a chance of precipitation as well as bringing temperatures below the 20-degree mark.

Afterward, Lang says we'll see seasonal temperatures next week.

"It does look like we might get some precipitation, hopefully, showers moving through. Looks like the better chance would be on Sunday and that's why you will be cooler that day. Then the sun tries to poke through average highs for this time of year, 30-year averages around 26 degrees, so we'll be running kind of near seasonal after that."

Lang reminds people to take care of both the heat and smoke tomorrow.

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