Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the most common fatal diseases that affect young adults and children in Canada, but it's not well known.

Kasey McIntyre, the coordinator for the Estevan Walk to Make CF History, has a personal connection to the cause as her son Liam was diagnosed with CF, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system, through newborn screening at four to six weeks old.

"Ever since we found out the diagnosis, we've been very proactive in changing the outcome the best we can for him and all people living with cystic fibrosis," she said. Despite being sad about the news of Liam's diagnosis, Kasey did not give up hope. "Instead of doing nothing, we felt there was so much that we could do."

As part of the fundraising initiatives for the walk, Kasey's son Liam came up with the idea of a citywide lemonade/iced tea sale for CF, with three locations across the Estevan. 

The walk to make CF history will take place on May 28th, and the deadline to register for it is May 21th.