The Prairie Animal Health Centre is gearing up to host an open house and fundraiser on September 27. This event serves a dual purpose: celebrating Animal Health Week, a national event running from October 2nd to the 8th, and raising funds for a significant cause.

Kristen Caldwell, Chief of Veterinary Operations at the Prairie Animal Health Centre, shared insights into the event. "People love what we do, and we like to share that with our community, especially during Animal Health Week, a national celebration of animal well-being," she said.

The open house promises a host of engaging activities, including games inspired by veterinary procedures, such as the "fill a syringe" game and the "fat cat lift." Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with adorable animals at the petting zoo, where ponies and goats will be waiting to delight visitors. The event also features pony rides and informative facility tours.

Taking into account the unpredictable Saskatchewan weather in October, the event has been strategically scheduled for September 27th, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. It offers a BBQ, which serves as the fundraising component of the event. Kristen Caldwell emphasized its importance, stating, "The BBQ is raising funds for Isaiah Evans' journey."

This year's Animal Health Week theme, "It Takes a Team," perfectly aligns with the cause behind the fundraiser. Isaiah Evans, the son of one of the centre's registered veterinary technologists, Janelle Evans, urgently needs a medical wheelchair van. The Evans family has been tirelessly working to raise $100,000 to fulfill this need, and they are now close to their goal.

Kristen Caldwell spoke passionately about supporting Isaiah: "It takes a community to help raise funds like this, and we are more than blessed to be able to help Janelle and her family get this medical wheelchair van for Isaiah."

The Prairie Animal Health Centre's open house and fundraiser offer an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate animal health, and make a meaningful difference in Isaiah Evans' life.

Mark Your Calendar: As a reminder, Animal Health Week runs from October 2nd to the 8th, with the Prairie Animal Health Centre's open house scheduled for September 27th.

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