As part of its throne speech, the Saskatchewan government made promises about the introduction of a Saskatchewan employment incentive to support working families with lower incomes. In a November 8th release, the province began to outline the new program which will provide a financial benefit, supplementary health benefits, connections to employment, and housing supports. 

"The Saskatchewan Employment Incentive supports our government's goal of a strong economy, strong communities and strong families," Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said. "By helping parents enter and stay in the workforce, this program will have lasting, positive impacts on the quality of life for families with lower incomes."  

The release noted that the Saskatchewan Employment Incentive will be available to parents leaving income assistance programs for employment and will also assist others to remain in the workforce. Working parents who have employment income of $500 per month may be eligible for a monthly benefit of $400, $500 or $600, depending on the number of children they have. 

"Paying for the costs associated with being at work, like transportation and child care, can be difficult for families - especially single parents," Makowsky said. "This new program supports families to manage those extra pressures so they are better off working rather than on other income assistance programs." 

The Saskatchewan Employment Incentive will replace the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement and the Child Care Subsidy. Social Services will support eligible clients to transition to the new program over the coming year. 

The release also stated that application details and more on the program would be forthcoming.

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