After a large thunderstorm came through the southeast over the weekend, even more moisture is on the way this week.

While winds were high and some areas did get a good bit of rain, Environment Canada says they didn't receive any reports of severe weather like hail or tornadoes during that system.

Now a new one is rolling in and looks to have a presence in the area for a while.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says that the incoming weather won't be avoidable, at least in Western Canada.

"Based on what's happening on radar not far from you, showers could make it into Estevan proper. You wouldn't have to drive very far to find some of that shower activity. It's pretty active across pretty much all three prairie provinces this morning, and some areas south in the States too."

Some of the rain coming into the area might also turn into thunderstorms, though Hasell says it's difficult to tell so far out into a forecast.

"We're in that time of year and we'll certainly see a lot of areas where conditions will be right for that, hence the risk of thunderstorms. Little far with respect to forecasting thunderstorms if we look later in the week, but at this time of year it wouldn't surprise me if there would also be thunderstorms on Thursday, for instance."

Hasell says people in the southeast can also expect a few sparks today as there is a risk of thunderstorms.