An oil rig was broken into near Kisbey, and the Carlyle RCMP are warning people in the area to be vigilant with an increase in property crimes.

The Carlyle RCMP reported through the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory that they were advised of a break and enter with theft from the rig site. The culprit, or culprits, gained access through an open door and stole items.

The advisory said property crime has increased around Wawota, Arcola, Carlyle, Kisbey, Pheasant Rump, and the surrounding areas. Both private residences and businesses are being affected.

"Please remember to lock your doors and ensure that your property has proper lighting," said the advisory. "If you are away from your home or business for an extended period of time please have a family member or friend check on the premises."

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the police.