A forecast is predicting that areas of the southeast will see a sharp dip in temperature tonight, which is likely to break the previous record.

The current forecast has that all the way down in the negative 20s, with wind chill expected to push that up to around -30.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains just where that cold air is coming from.

"The ridge of high pressure from the Arctic that's come across southern Saskatchewan is going to be parked right over southeastern Saskatchewan overnight, and the coldest temperatures are always right underneath the ridge of high pressure. So if there are no clouds or no winds, then the coldest air will be over the southeast corner. So do expect some cold temperatures Tuesday morning."

The previous record is likely to be broken after it was set 20 years ago.

"-18.8 degrees Celsius is the minimum overnight low temperature [record] for tomorrow morning," said Lang, "So you don't use today's, you use tomorrow morning's. So, -18.8 set in 2003, so it definitely is at risk of falling."

With that dip in temperatures, Lang gave a few tips for people to be prepared ahead of the cold.

"Certainly it's time to break out the winter gear and make sure that you're covered in layers that your hands, head, and ears are all covered. Cover your face just because of that wind chill because you can get frostbite and cause it's just the end of October we're not quite accustomed or acclimatized yet to these temperatures it's going to take a little while longer I think to get acclimatized, so just dress appropriately." 

"A reminder about getting your car ready for winter, making sure their winter tires are on, an emergency kit in the car, and remembering to check the highway hotline before heading out and kind of getting into that habit of doing that because it's just that time of year." 

Lang also recommends people dress their kids warmly this Halloween.

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