Redvers Fire Chief Brad Hutton is emphasizing caution after a couple of fires sprung up in his region recently.

"We've had a couple grass fires, stubble fires," Hutton said. "One was a yard fire where a power line fell down so always use caution with fires with power lines down obviously. And then another grass fire, just dry conditions and it just took off. That was a couple days ago, today's a little different, it's wet now."

"Use some extreme caution when burning in fields and stuff so it doesn't take off or get away," he added.

Hutton pointed to the chaos in Alberta right now as an example of how destructive fires can be in Canada.

"Just something to keep in mind, we never think of emergencies out in the Prairies here all that much, but just looking at Alberta with the Prairie fires and stuff going on...big caution," he said.

"Make sure we're prepared for emergencies and everybody should have 72 hours worth of survival stuff, whether it be water or granola bars, non-perishable foods so that if you do get evacuated or moved for some unknown emergency in our area."