Volunteer week is an important time to celebrate those who make a lasting impact on the community. In Redvers, health care, sports, entertainment and fire and rescue organizations are run by volunteers.  

“Without our volunteers and our many committees, a lot of our amenities wouldn’t be here, especially our health care,” said Jena Cowan, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer at the town of Redvers.  

Volunteers in Redvers also play a key role in organizing annual community events. 

“The biggest one is the annual Redvers Health Foundation Fundraiser. Which all the funds go directly to providing amenities to our local hospitals. So it is very popular for our residents because we see the benefits right here in the community.” 

Minor sports in Redvers are entirely volunteer-run. Coaches, organizers and recreation board members all serve as volunteers. Cowan added that many volunteers are involved in multiple groups and that some may even serve on all the town's boards.

"It takes a special person to dedicate their free time to bettering their community and the lives of the people that surround them.”  

The Redvers Fire Department is also volunteer-run. When on call, the volunteers cannot leave the area which is a significant commitment. The firefighters also have bi-weekly meetings and mandatory monthly training and they contribute a great deal to fundraising efforts in Redvers.  

“For example, our homecoming event, they are running a kids rodeo, and it’s something they do every year without question,” said Cowan. “They set up and take down by themselves, and just provide a great activity for our kids.”  

Cowan expressed her gratitude to all volunteers in the community, emphasizing that the continuation of events and the town's growth would not be possible without them. 

“I feel like at every chance, and especially at volunteer week, it’s so important to recognize them, name them, celebrate them because, when you are giving your free time that means a lot and not everyone will do that.”