You would be hard pressed to top Ron Thompson's commemoration of Remembrance Day this year.

Take a drive down Gallaway Street in Estevan's south residential area and you can't miss his front yard, decked out with "Lest we forget" flags, legion signs, a wreath, and lights that emit poppies on his house when it gets dark, known as a poppy drop.

Lest we Forget

"I've been hunting for stuff for Remembrance Day, but there's not much to put out for any decorations for Remembrance Day," said Thompson, who said he ordered the flags on Amazon, and one even came from China.

Remembrance Day Flags

His mother served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and his uncle lost his leg in World War II, so he has a special connection to honouring veterans in Canada.

"Remember what they died for and our freedoms," he said. "Everybody's complaining about people putting (Christmas) decorations up before (Remembrance Day). Some of the veterans apparently have said that 'we fought for those freedoms it doesn't matter to us,' but that might be just one person's opinion. But myself, I know I still have some (Christmas) stuff that I never took down, but they're not being turned on until after this is taken down."

Thompson said he plans to take down the Remembrance Day decor on Friday.

Remembrance Day