The Estevan Remembrance Day service will be returning to an indoor format this year.

Military historian Craig Bird confirmed earlier this week that the ceremony will once again be held inside the gym at Estevan Comprehensive School. It was held outside last year in frigid conditions near the cenotaph across from Estevan City Hall.

"It's going to start at 10:45. We're asking the public to be there a little bit earlier just so that we can get seating," Bird said. "Afterwards, people are invited to the (Estevan) legion for a luncheon. Kind of back to normal."

Bird added that he hopes having it back inside will lead to more people attending.

"We've still got a couple of veterans here, but they're getting up in age, so it's kind of nice to have it inside the gym," he said. 

"It's a special kind of thing when we can have it outside at the cenotaph. It's kind of six of one half a dozen of the other...I'd rather have the people there and celebrate the remembrance of the veterans indoors and have more people at it than fewer people at the cenotaph, so it's kind of one of those trade off things."

Remembrance Day falls on a Friday this year. You can pick up your poppy at various stores and businesses around Estevan in support of the Estevan Legion.