The Estevan Police Service said a report over the weekend of an in-progress break and enter, trespassing, and kidnapping was determined to be related to a child custody dispute, and the alleged offences did not happen.

City police reported responding to 63 occurrences from Friday to Sunday.

Two resulted in theft charges.

One suspect was arrested for theft under $5,000 after allegedly stealing from a local business.

A second person was charged with theft under $5,000 after a reported theft of fuel from a local gas station. Police say the person failed to return to pay for the gas. 

Another person was reported as driving away without paying for fuel, but police found the vehicle and the driver returned to pay for the gas.

Police were notified about a stolen vehicle. It turned out it wasn't stolen, but the owner had not given permission to the current driver. The keys were taken from the driver to be collected by the owner.

Police were called about two vehicles racing in the central part of the city. Police found one of the vehicles and spoke with the driver. The matter is still be investigated.

Police were alerted to a backyard fire that was burning yard waste and creating a noxious smoke. Police warned the person of the by-law, and the fire was extinguished.

There was a report of a suspicious male in central Estevan. Police got a statement and are investigating.

A female was receiving unwanted messages from a male. A statement was given, and police continue to look into the matter.

A homeowner in central Estevan was warned of a noise bylaw after a complaint. The homeowner was warned of the noise bylaw and agreed to turn down the music.

Police reported attending to keep the peace at a tenant/landlord disagreement.

And, as of 5 a.m. Tuesday, police continue to look for an SUV involved in a hit and run. You can find a photo of the vehicle here.

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