The video released by George Harris Collaborative earlier this week showing a refurbished look at downtown Estevan is getting rave reviews online.

In an unscientific poll designed to gather public opinion, DiscoverEstevan was able to get a sample of 168 reactions to the sneak peek of what the downtown area could look like in the future:

  • 72 people voted that they absolutely loved the new design
  • 43 people said they were a fan overall
  • 26 people are not a fan at all
  • 15 people are not the biggest fan
  • 10 people said they were undecided

One person expressed concerns about the lack of space for vehicles, while another said "It's beautiful for places that don't get snow."

Our Facebook post also garnered wide-ranging responses. One poster wrote "It's certainly a radical adjustment from a four-lane industrial town main street to a more homey, small town feel."

Another commenter said "I absolutely love everything about this!! The people can park on the next block and I think during nice weather this will reel in more people, more traffic and more beauty and create a beautiful space."

Others weren't quite as sold. "I’m not sure I want to give up that much parking to ‘park areas’ that are only nice 3 months of the year," one woman said. "If I had a business downtown, I don’t know if I want my signage blocked by trees? Digital kiosks are overkill. Overall the concept looks great, but I’m not convinced it’s realistic."

"I think its wonderful but have my doubts," another woman wrote. "Who's going to pay for this?" 

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