The latest project for an Estevan woodworker uses material from the past to create art for the future.

Tim Dyck, from Resurrected Wood Works, created a mural at Affinity Place using materials from the former Estevan Civic Auditorium.

“I’ve always liked used wood because of the story behind it, where it’s been, what it’s been.”

Dyck said he's been making use of readily available wood for various projects since he was a child.  

Following the closure of the Auditorium, Dyck and his son seized the opportunity to retrieve wood from the iconic structure before it was demolished. 

Dyck knew that he wanted to create something for the city of Estevan, and after some contemplation between a Bruins logo and table he ultimately went with a mural captioned “A geometric look at the past, from the civic auditorium 1957-2017.”  

Made up of headrests, 4x4 posts, and a part of a handrail, Dyck described the labour-intensive process of creating this piece. This included stripping down layers of paint, precisely cutting each piece of wood, and perfecting the colour scheme to represent those of the former Civic Auditorium.

“I've never built a piece that big and that was challenging in itself because there are so many pieces. I thought, you know, I've done that kind of a design before in different wood, but never where I've done an inside triangle to give it another depth of dimension and it's something I've always wanted to do so.” 

The mural was revealed at Affinity Place on October 27 with the mayor and council members in attendance. 

“I'm very grateful that it's here because out of all the places in the city, this place gets visited by more people than anywhere,” Dyck said of the debut. 

With a stockpile of wood remaining Dyck is continuing to build projects for himself and others. 

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