With a large amount of precipitation expected last weekend, Estevan road crews could have had to face long hours but instead were able to put away their vehicles.

Many of those workers had to stay on the streets during the storm that hit on easter weekend, clearing away the 40+ cm of snow that accumulated in some areas.

Luckily they weren't so hard worked this time as higher temperatures meant that a lot of that snowfall turned to water and ran down drains quickly.

Roads and Drainages Manager for Estevan Norm Mack says that they did have to do a bit of work right after the storm.

"Crews went out first thing Sunday morning very early and we bladed off some of the gravel roads throughout the city and surrounding the city and in that northwest area that was blown in a bit. For the most part, our equipment only spent a total of maybe four to five hours cleaning up that second storm."

Not long afterward the crews were able to put away the machinery as the sun picked up the work.

"By 10 AM that morning the sun was already doing the work for us and we put our snow removal equipment away. It was perfect for us, we didn't spend much money at all on that second go-around only because we spent so much effort in that first storm," said Mack, "We cleared that right out of the city."

Part of the reason for that stoppage of work was that crews had been busy working the previous week getting snow cleared, which did pay off after that latest storm.

"Even though that Saturday night when it was storming, there was a pretty good accumulation Saturday before midnight but through the night it melted," said Mack, "In the early morning we saw it wasn't too bad to handle and the water was running early and we just parked our equipment. The guys had worked enough on the previous storm and we spent enough money."

Even though there was also plenty of moisture coming through, the city's drainage system dealt with that well.

"For the most part we had the drainage open all earlier this spring here and it remained open," said Mack, "So we knew that when it did melt we were ready for that and it was well opened so it worked out well."