The Highway Hotline lifted its travel-not-recommended status at 10:12 a.m. for highways in the Estevan area.

Icy sections, along with drifting snow and reduced visibility are still being reported.

An update posted at 7:16 Friday morning listed poor visibility, icy and slippery sections, and snow drifts along the highways around the Energy City.

The latest road conditions are available here.

Meanwhile, Wellock Rd. has restricted one-lane access, with the city asking people to stay away for the time being, while Johnstone Road is closed in Estevan. City Safety Coordinator Helen Fornwald said the snow accumulated too quickly for crews to keep pace.

A blowing-snow advisory is in place, though conditions should improve Friday afternoon.

Estevan Police Service Sgt. Tyler McMillen urged the public to avoid driving within the city, if possible, even on roads that aren't closed.