Deputy Chief Warren Morrical of the Estevan Police emphasized the importance of road safety during the busy long weekend.

“The Estevan Police Service would like everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Victoria Day weekend and recognize that on long weekends there's a lot of traffic on Saskatchewan highways," said Morrical. "Unfortunately, the risk of collision does increase. In order to counteract that, what we would recommend, of course, is obeying speed limits and traffic laws.”

Avoid distracted driving, and cell phone use, and ensure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing their seatbelt are a couple of safety pointers to stay safe on the road.

He emphasized the importance of finding a safe ride home and reminded the public not to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. “Whether that be by way of a designated driver, a cab, or walking home. No matter how much your ride home costs, it will definitely cost less than the cost of an impaired driving charge.”

Morrical added that having a .04 per cent blood alcohol level as well as having any cannabis or other drugs in your system could result in a three-day to 60-day vehicle impoundment, in addition to other associated fees.

He also reminds the public that public intoxication is against the law year-round. “It is unlawful to consume alcohol in public places that aren’t licensed, and that will continue in the city over the long weekend,” said Morrical.

A final reminder as the long weekend approaches is that there is a city fire by-law which prohibits setting off fireworks in Estevan without a permit. “The permitting process does require liability insurance to cover property damage and those types of things.”

Morrical added that from a policing perspective, this can also lead to calls for service from unsuspecting neighbours.

“For neighbours who may not be aware that fireworks are being set off, that quite often is reported to the Estevan Police as the sound of gunfire,” said Morrical. He noted that this also means the police respond to reports of gunfire appropriately. 

By following these guidelines, everyone can help ensure a safe and enjoyable long weekend for all.