Santa Claus paid a visit to a couple southeast Saskatchewan communities this week.

Father Christmas visited both Carievale and Gainsborough on Wednesday and hitched a ride on the towns' fire trucks.

Santa and the fire department also visited the school in Carievale earlier in the day.

"We got Santa dressed up there and out he went and did his rounds," said Argyle Fire Department Chief Jace Brown. "We had kids and a bunch of people come out, so it was pretty good."

Santa ClausPhoto credit: Jared Phair

Brown said there was some candy and chocolate handed out as gifts. He said the snowy weather didn't deter people.

"They're pretty hearty here I think," Brown said.

He added that Santa's visit has become an annual tradition around the holidays for the community.

"It got started a while ago there, through COVID actually is when it got started, and it has kind of been a tradition ever since," he said. "It's good for the community...this department's good at that kind of stuff, fundraising and community events. Not terrible at fighting fires either, but we kind of excel in the community stuff for sure."

Santa ClausPhoto credit: Jared Phair