Saskatchewan has been one of the leaders worldwide in carbon capture technology, and that's set to be shown off in a new course that's gotten funding from the federal government.

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre received $100,000 from Prairies Economic Development Canada, as part of a pledge towards carbon capture during the throne speech earlier this year.

The course will be focused on teaching what Saskatchewan has learned from its use of carbon capture technologies and how that can aid other businesses and organizations.

Norm Sacuta, the director of communications at the PTRC, says they've heard a lot of demand already.

"There's a lot of companies in Alberta and in Canada generally, who aren't as familiar with the technologies and the requirements of carbon capture technology and storage. So we thought let's do a course, because we've got the experts, we've got connections to world-leading experts at different universities, but we also have a lot of experience internally to be able to design a course for companies, for non-profits, even for government regulators."

The course will be taking the shape of individual modules so that companies that have different understandings of CCS can learn what they need to.

"Each of those will be individual modules, that a company can choose 'okay, we don't need a background in capture, we already know what kind of capture technology we're going to use, but we really need to learn about storage.' so we might just come up with a module that's related with storage."

They're also setting up the course so it can work for a general audience, with a possible collaboration with a Saskatchewan university.

"We want to make it so that they can be for a general audience, so we could do it at a college over two days for people who are just starting in their engineering course. then we're working with the University of Regina to potentially offer some kind of credit for that."

"But it could also be extensive two days, for a major oil company for example that wants all of their geologists and engineers in one class to have instruction on all the aspects of CCS.