The Canadian Agricultural Partnership officially comes to an end March 31st.

In Saskatchewan, CAP was a $388 million investment over five years to help encourage the investment, adaptation, and sustainable growth of the ag sector.

Agricultural program specialist Shiela Miller says the CAP funding targeted key strategic areas like Science Research and Innovation, Risk Management, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Value Added Agriculture and Agri Food Processing, Public Trust, and Market and Trade. 

"So some examples of programs that fell under the strategic areas were the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program, the Farm Stewardship Program and the Assurance System Producer program. So these programs helped to provide funding for things like new dugouts, livestock handling, and equipment and variable rate mapping."

She says with CAP winding down producers are being reminded to make sure they have all of their documentation in prior to the March 15th deadline.

Producers can submit their completed rebate applications by mail to Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Programs Branch, 329-3085 Albert St., Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0V1; or they can be emailed to

Miller notes that if any producers have any questions as they're filling out their rebate applications, they can reach out to the regional Agricultural Program Specialist. 

Producers can call the Agriculture Knowledge Center at 1-866-457-2377 and they can get them in contact with their local agriculture program specialists as well.