All provincially regulated workplaces will be required to have a violence policy and prevention plan in place starting May 17.  

"Everyone has the right to feel safe when they come to work," Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don McMorris said in a recent press release. "Having a violence policy and investigating all incidents is a step toward protecting workers from acts of violence." 

The amendment to the Saskatchewan Employment Act ensures that students and post-secondary students, volunteers, and contract workers are covered under the provisions regarding violence.  

The following must be included in the policy statement and violence prevention plan: 

  • the employer's commitment to minimize or eliminate risk and review the policy and plan every three years

  • identification of the worksite(s) where violent situations have occurred or may occur

  • identification of staff positions that have or could be exposed to violent situations

  • the procedures to inform workers about the nature and risk of violence at their place of employment, and any information the employer has about persons who have a history of violent behaviour who could become a risk to the workers

  • the actions an employer will take to minimize or eliminate the risk of violence 

  • the procedures for reporting a violent incident to the employer 

  • the procedures the employer will follow to investigate violent incidents

  • a recommendation that workers who have been exposed to violent incidents consult a physician for treatment or obtain a referral for counselling

  • a commitment to provide a training program for workers.