The government of Saskatchewan is sending extra money to school divisions to deal with inflationary costs.

In total school divisions will be receiving $20 million dollars in total with the focus on increased costs of fuel and insurance.

The South East Cornerstone School Division will be receiving $1,341,400 dollars to deal with the costs.

Also in the southeast, the Holy Family Roman-Catholic School division is receiving $83,200 dollars.

"Our government recognizes the impacts rising costs across the country have on our schools and we are committed to ensuring every Saskatchewan student and teacher has the supports needed to achieve success in the classroom," Education Minister Dustin Duncan said. "Now that school board budgets have been submitted, we have weighed the impact of fuel and insurance costs on their operations and are in a position to provide further assistance to divisions."

The Ministry of Education announced education spending of $2.88 billion in the 2022-23 budget earlier this year, with $1.99 billion in school operating funding for the school year.

The new funding pushes the total school operating funds above 2 billion dollars, which is a new record expenditure for the province.